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hairfreé® - The history 

Growing up I lived in a household with 6 women, my mother and five sisters.  Each morning when I went to brush my hair I would always notice more and more hair in my brush.  Needless to say my sisters were using my brush and leaving it full of hair.   If I wanted to use a clean brush I would have to clean it myself.  Now we all know how messy and nasty a chore cleaning a brush can be.  Sometimes it was so frustrating I just threw the brush away in disgust.  Unfortunately throwing the brush away did not solve the problem. For many years I did nothing to try to solve this problem.  It was not until the year 2006 that I finally went to work on a solution to this problem.

In January of 2006 I designed/invented a round self-cleaning hairbrush aimed at solving the problem of cleaning a dirty brush.  During the design phase my main focus was coming up with a hairbrush that was easy to clean and keep clean.  As I was designing the brush I kept reading about the benefits of using ceramic technology.  Not knowing about ceramic technology I consulted with a brush manufacturer I knew, about the use of ceramic technology.  His response was that ceramic technology did absolutely nothing and provided no additional benefits when used on/with a brush.  I found this very difficult to believe since ceramic is the main ingredient/material used in making a flat/curling work.  This is a large part of the referred “ceramic technology”. Although in his opinion the ceramic technology didn’t work, he then went on to state that you need to use it to keep up with the competition.  If he only knew how well it really does work!

Armed with the knowledge I learned in designing/inventing the round brush and with production complete I decided to compliment the round brush with a flat one.  So in June of 2007 I started the design of the flat self-cleaning hairbrush.  The flat brush performs just as well as the round brush but with a added twist, there is a mirror on the bottom side of the bush.  During production of the flat brush I continued testing the round brush.  I was waiting until the production of the flat brush was complete so that I could market them together.  Which brings us to today; hairfreé® brushes are in stock and are now ready to be sold to you the consumer. 


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