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hairfreé® - Technology and Use

before hairfreé® !

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hairfreé® with its ceramic coated plates is making use of the most current hair drying technology and methods.  Some of the benefits associated with Ceramic technology include:

  • Creating a smooth and polished effect with added natural shine.

  • Aids against static build-up.

  • Whilst drying the hair the heat is equally distributed for fast and effective styling.

  • Hair straightening or curling. 

hairfreé® brushes are unlike any other styling brushes on the market today.  hairfreé® brushes are very versatile, in that, no matter your ethnicity or the type of hair you have, be it fine, thick, curly or straight hair hairfreé® brushes work well.  hairfreé® brushes can be used as, a regular styling brush or a vent brush.  To the best of my knowledge there are no other brushes on the market today that can do that!

Used as a regular styling brush the ceramic coated plates are flush with the body of the brush.   Used as a vent type brush the ceramic coated plates are positioned away from the body of the brush, about halfway up the length of the bristle.  This position creates a “vent” between the plates and the body of the brush. The venting along with the ceramic coated plates speeds up the drying and styling your hair.  Using hairfreé® as a vent brush also changes the length of the bristle.  This in turn allows the user to either create a larger curl or add more fluff to ones hair.  

In addition to being versatilehairfreé® is a very hygienic free hair brush!  Hence the name: hairfreé® .  Since hairfreé® is so easy to clean, after you remove the unwanted hair, you can sanitize hairfreé® by washing it with warm soapy water and then rinsing.  Stand hairfreé® on its end and let dry.  hairfreé® will never rust.  There is no longer any excuse for you to not to clean your hair brush after every use.   This insures that hairfreé® will always be hygiene free.

Last but not least there are no other hairbrushes on the market that are as versatile and easy to clean and keep clean than hairfreé® !!!

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