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hairfreé® - Why you should use it 

before hairfreé® !

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In my research I learned that most blow dryers reach a top heat of about 175 degree while the heat generated from a flat/curling iron starts at about 200 degrees and can reach a top heat of upwards to 450 degrees, depending on the make and model of the flat/curling iron.  That is quite a contrast in temperatures.   The flat/curling iron temperature starts at a higher heat degree then the top heat from a blow dryer.  That high heat is needed to heat the ceramic coated plates in a flat/curling iron.  For years women have been using flat/curling iron to style their hair. Why? Because for years it was thought to be the best/only way to create a sleek shiny sexy hair style was/is to use high heat.  Based on this school of thought and no viable alternative women had no choice but to use that flat/curling iron all the while damaging ones hair in the process with all that heat.  That was before hairfreé®

Again using the ceramic technology is not why I designed/invented the brush but it now turns out it is the brush’s best feature.  This was learned during the testing phase of each brush.  As the brushes were being tested the results I received were showing that when the brushes were used with a blow dryer the user got the same sleek, shiny, sexy hair style as if they had used a flat/curling iron.   The user was/is able to create a sleek and shiny hairstyle using only the heat from the blower dryer.  As we all know the difference in heat between a blow dryer and flat/curling iron is very substantial and that heat is potentially harmful.  And to think the brush manufacturer I consulted said using ceramic technology on a brush was ineffective.

More times than not, the user, when using a flat/curling iron inadvertently burns and damages their hair.  This happens with the improper use of the flat/curling iron by a non-professional.  Dermatologist Dr. Mirmirani stated and presented evidence at the American Academy of Dermatology’s Summer Academy Meeting 2008 in Chicago, “We are seeing that when these ceramic flat irons are used at the highest heat setting and on a daily basis to achieve straight hair, they can really take a toll on the structure of the hair and cause very noticeable problems that can be hard to repair.” Unfortunately the damage one does to one’s hair does not show right away.  The damage continues to manifests itself over a short period of time.  Each and every time a flat/curling is used on your hair, your hair is being burned. 

Now that there is a viable alternative to using a flat/curling iron, hairfreé® , I ask you do you want to continue on damaging and burning your hair by using a flat/curling iron?  The choice is yours!  hairfreé®   comes with a 100% money back guarantee, that, if within 30 days of purchase you are not completely satisfied with the performance of hairfreé® simply return it for your money back.  No questions asked.


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